Geronimo Energy is a leader in the solar development industry, with experience in areas such as permitting, interconnection, transmission, real estate, policy, project management and sales. To date, Geronimo has over 200 MW of solar projects under construction, with over 400 additional MW in development across the United States.

Solar for Utilities and Independent Power Purchasers

Geronimo sells solar energy and capacity directly to utilities and other energy providers. By using the best technology available, Geronimo maximizes efficiency and creates competitive projects.

Utility Scale Solar Projects

Geronimo develops large, utility scale solar projects that connect directly to the transmission system. A utility-scale solar project delivers low-cost, on-peak energy directly to the power market and offers capacity accreditation. Utility scale solar projects offer economies of scale, decreased operation and maintenance costs, and power sales flexibility.

Community Solar Gardens

Geronimo also develops Community Solar Gardens (CSG) through a variety of utility and cooperative programs. A community solar garden is a centralized, shared solar project connected to the energy grid that has multiple subscribers. Although the rules for CSG programs vary by region, Geronimo prides itself on developing only high-quality, low cost CSG sites.

Solar for Municipal Power Agencies, Electric Cooperatives and Rural Electric Associations

Geronimo is a flexible and nimble renewable energy developer that offers customizable solutions for all types of power purchasers and project owners. Geronimo works with municipal power agencies, electric cooperatives, rural electric associations, and generation and transmission providers

In the last three years alone, Geronimo’s solar team has developed 40+ small-scale solar projects ranging in size from 1 to 10 MW. The Geronimo solar team is:

  • Experienced in hundreds of local public hearings and open houses
  • Well-versed in the solar permitting process, solar ordinance adoption and environmental permitting processes specific to rural communities
  • Committed to providing each of its partners with prompt responsiveness, expert advice and fair compensation by working closely with power purchasers, landowners and the community
  • Avid about ensuring projects are well-received by the community and yield sustaining support for the long term operation of the project.

Solar for Corporations, Government Agencies and Non-Utility Organizations

Our commercial solar development strategy is simple: find solar energy solutions that fit each individual customer’s needs. Geronimo supports large corporate solar projects and offers both on-site/ near-site installations and large scale solar facilities located in more efficient, lower cost geographical locations. Our ability to deliver solar energy with market-leading cost, creative solutions, and efficiency is due to our fully-staffed team of renewable energy development professional

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Solar Energy for Utilities and Independent Power Purchasers

Solar Energy for Municipal Power Agencies, Electric Cooperatives and Rural Electric Associations

Solar Energy for Corporations, Government Agencies and Non-Utility Organizations

Solar Energy for Landowners

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